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Posted by on Jan 1, 2016 in Articles, Company News, Mark A. Carroll |

January 2016 – Letter from the Editor

January 2016 – Letter from the Editor

The January, 2016 issue marks the beginning of our 20th Anniversary Celebration. When we began publishing Developing Healthy Habits (DHH) in 1996, we had no idea of its longevity. We just knew that customers who walked into their local natural products store deserved a watchful eye. Our idea was to publish information that would get consumers to think about why they needed the ingredients in the products offered at their local store, and to help them make wise, educated decisions.

In addition, we wanted to help natural products stores “reward” their favorite customers by handing them a publication that would help them understand the importance of the products they were offering to their customers. Information written by people who know this industry and whose main concern is education based upon research and experience. For this reason, several of our writers are individuals who actually work in the natural products industry; boots on the ground, talking with and consulting with individuals who make their living helping others achieve optimum wellness.

Over the years, I have received countless letters and phone calls from individuals thanking me for publishing this educational journal. I’ve spent the past twenty years of my life producing this journal with the hope that what I am doing will make a difference in my readers’ lives. When I receive a phone call from someone telling me they applied the knowledge imparted in this publication and it helped them resolve a “situation” in their life, it’s at that moment that I know what I am doing makes a difference. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those individuals who took time out of their lives to call and tell me Developing Healthy Habits made a difference in their lives. Each call was validation, indeed.

I and my team at DHH look forward to helping you even more in 2016, as we do all we can to acquire the most up-to-date, educational, informative information possible. We wish all our readers health and well-being in the coming year.

Together In Health – Mark A. Carroll

Mark A. Carroll

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