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Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in Articles, Food & Health, Healthy Skin, Karen Masterson-Koch, Kids Health, Men's Health, Woman's Health |

Looking for Natural Allergy Relief? Why Not Improve Your Nutrition & Drink Aloe!

Looking for Natural Allergy Relief? Why Not Improve Your Nutrition & Drink Aloe!

by Karen Masterson Koch

Tired of dealing with family allergies? Allergies are up with Nasal Rhinitis, a runny nose, tripling in the last 20 years and bowel disease (linked to food allergies) skyrocketing. Johns Hopkins University estimates 45 million people have allergies. That’s one in six people seeking medical support with minimal results. Most give up on doctor visits and grapple with over the counter treatments to feel better.

Common Allergy Symptoms:

  • Fatigue & Brain Fog
  • Lung & Nasal Issues
  • Itchy Eyes & Throat
  • Gas, Bloating & Skin Flare-ups

Several factors are crucial in understanding the allergy puzzle. First, is health support from “Nutrition.” What a person eats daily affects allergies. Skipping meals or making bad food choices result in Essential Core Nutrient deficiencies from foods. These nutrients are critical to the body’s resiliency to avoid invading allergens. If pollens, molds and food particles get into the blood stream through weak tissue walls, it triggers allergy symptoms. Building stronger cellular tissue especially with Protein and Vitamin C is critical to reduce allergies and maintain a youthful body.

What Factors to Consider with Allergies?

  • Nutrition & Digestion
  • Bowel Health & Constipation
  • Quantity of Environmental Allergens
  • Antibiotics & Rx Drug Overuse
  • Heredity / Genetics

When making healthier choices consider possible food intolerances and keep junk foods down. There’s a high tendency in allergy sufferers of eating snack foods high in sugar, salt, vegetable oils, Trans-fats, wheat and milk products. They spark bowel issues of bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea. Even healthy foods like oats, brown rice and other whole grains may not be the best choice for allergy sufferers. Following a healthier diet (with certain food restrictions) brings good results, calming allergy symptoms and an overactive immune response if you also improve the body’s digestion and absorption.

Research Supports the Nutrition & Aloe Vera Team!

Optimizing nutrition, digestion, absorption and detoxification is pivotal to rebuilding health and reducing allergies. Research from Tuft’s Medical University has supported the grave problem of nutritional deficiencies linked to disease. The decline in digestion as people age, especially HCL (hydrochloric acid) into the stomach, is sited in their book, BioMarkers, 1992. This may be why drinking a quality Aloe Vera has become so popular, from the Whole Leaf Concentrate (if at all possible), because it seems to support normal HCL flow.

  • 2007, U.C. Davis, 2003 / Univ. PA at Scranton: human subjects experienced improved absorption of Vitamin C 200%, Vitamin E 300% plus improved B12 when drinking a quality Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, measuring into plasma.
  • 1985, Linus Pauling Institute in Oregon: highlighted quality Aloe Vera as a great choice for supporting protein digestion plus cleansing and detoxification. Jeffrey Bland, PhD’s research showed the Whole Leaf Aloe Vera juice (not over-filtered) acidic pH rebalanced the acid / alkaline balance of the G.I. tract resulting in reduced Candida Albicans yeast allowing for better gut absorption including minerals.

The Whole Leaf Aloe Vera plant contains over 100 actives, including the “Yellow Sap” that works fast as a digestive bitter supporting HCL. Together with other constituents it improves vital core nutrient absorption while easing occasional indigestion discomfort, gas, irregularity and revving up body metabolism for renewal. Join the growing numbers of Aloe Vera users, kids and adults, that look and feel the difference; more energy, less allergies, youthful skin and improved Body Wellness today!


Karen Masterson Koch pic 3

Karen Masterson Koch, CN

Karen Masterson Koch is a clinical nutritionist and health educator from S.D.,CA, USA who authored a complete health book explaining how the body works called, Beyond Gluten Intolerance – GIS, 2011.

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