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Retail health storesDeveloping Healthy Habits, LLC is a family owned company located in Central Florida. It has been our mission since 1997 to provide a win-win-win-win situation between the health food store, the consumer, the advertisers, and Developing Healthy Habits. We do this by providing a newsletter on a monthly basis which is designed specifically for natural health stores and health related businesses. We currently provide this educational tool to 2,000 + stores throughout the entire country (50 states).

The purpose of the newsletter is to:

  • •  Educate the consumer
  • •  Develop and broaden customer loyalty
  • •  Expand employee expertise and knowledge
  • •  Increase sales

Each monthly issue contains well written and clearly presented health related articles, Health News (late breaking news bits) and a Healthy Recipe. Our Motto is; “Get them out of the store to bring people into the store.”

Please take a moment to let us know how we are doing. You can leave your comment in the “message” box on this page. Thank you.

Would you like to receive our newsletter in your store as a hand out/bag stuffer to help educate your favorite customers? Please fill out the quick form and hit “Send.” Once you are added to our list, your store will be included in our “Store Locator,” as well as receive a supply of newsletters each month, compliments of Developing Healthy Habits, LLC. and our family of advertisers.


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