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Posted by on Jan 2, 2019 in Articles, Food & Health, Mark J. Kaylor, Men's Health, Sleep, Woman's Health |

Your Year of Radiant Health

Your Year of Radiant Health

by Mark J. Kaylor

What is New Year’s without New Year’s resolutions? We usually make up a list of things we want to do or stop doing; followed, of course, by how much weight we want to lose. What about taking a different path this year, one more impactful, longer lasting, deeper and more profound? How about walking a path of radiant health in 2018?

It appears to me that far too many of us are merely surviving, rather than thriving. In my over 40 years of helping folks on their healing path, I have observed that the vast majority of us are settling; operating at sub-optimal levels. Evidence of this is seen in our dependency on caffeine to get us started in the morning, chronic out-of-control stress levels, inadequate sleep and our self-medication with drugs, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and, the biggest culprit, food. So often it seems we strive for “average” when it comes to our health rather than “better than average” or even “radiant” health.

What A Mess

The reality of our “health mess” is becoming clearer and clearer. The path we are currently walking isn’t working, and is a far cry from enhancing our health and vitality. It’s certainly not supporting what I believe to be our birthright, that of radiant health. Here are just a few stats to make this point:

  • One in two Americans has a chronic disease, while one in four of us have more than one
  • 30% of children have a chronic disease; this has doubled over the last few decades
  • 100 million Americans are pre-diabetic or diabetic
  • 40% of us will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in our life
  • Obesity numbers are simply frightening, including 40% of adults

Even in life expectancy we don’t fare well. Over the last few years, we have seen life expectancy level off. Some even suggesting that the recent generation will be the first not to live longer than the previous generation. With ~20% of 45- to 64-year olds and ~42% of 65 and over taking five or more drugs, we are clearly falling short.

The Good News

While this is a depressing beginning for a New Year health newsletter, there is good news. There is a different path we can tread in 2018 to turn things around. It’s holistic and natural. Frankly, it’s what your body wants and may even be crying out for. To do this, though, we must get involved. It is not our doctor’s responsibility to keep us healthy.

It would be easy to overwhelm you with a long list of do’s and don’ts. However, since my hope for 2018 is that you do realize your fullest health potential, l will keep the suggestions to the most impacting and profound.

It’s All an Act

How impactful can lifestyle changes be? How about this? It has been estimated that 85% of diseases can be attributed to lifestyle and environment. So, here are some life lessons from communities around the world that tend to live longer:

  • Find your way to deal with stress. Chronic, uncontrolled stress is a major contributor to illness and imbalance. Try meditation, naps, baths.
  • Be social. Having a healthy support network is priceless.
  • Have a purpose. Purpose can give you an extra seven years.
  • Move. Stay active. Walk — a lot. The closest thing we have to a panacea is staying physically active.

You Are What You Eat

Surveys show that 90% of us say that we eat a healthy diet. With diet being a leading cause and contributor to disease, it seems clear that something is off. With so many diets available, it is easy to see why folks may be confused and overwhelmed to the point that they give up trying. So, I am going to make it as simple and clear as possible; eat a plant-based whole food diet. It really is as simple as that. A plant-based diet has been shown to prevent and even treat virtually all the leading chronic disorders that plague us.

Developing Healthy Habits Year of radiant health

Tonic Up

Tonic remedies have been highly prized for centuries in traditional medicine. Their focus is less about disease treatment and symptomatic relief and all about maximizing your health and vitality, helping you be the best you can be. First up is Ginseng, a true energizer and revitalizer. A recent study of 800 remedies using artificial intelligence found Ginseng and it’s Ayurvedic “cousin,” Ashwagandha mimic anti-cancer and anti-aging drugs, but without the negative side-effects. Both remedies not only balance and nourish your body, they also help it deal with stress.

Two powerful mushroom remedies can also help you in your efforts to achieve radiant health, Cordyceps and Reishi. Both have a very long history of use in traditional Chinese Medicine. Cordyceps is said to build Yang energy while enhancing the Yin. What this means is that it builds your vital energy while strengthening the essence of your body. It specifically strengthens the lungs, heart and kidneys while boosting motivation and drive.

Reishi has demonstrated promise for the two leading causes of death, heart disease and cancer. It is a tonic for the brain, nerves, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and adrenals, all the while reducing inflammation, fighting free radicals, improving sleep quality and nourishing our emotional center.

It’s Up to You

For decades, we’ve been told to eat less meat, sugar and fat. Yet, from 1950 to 2000, we consumed 41% more meat, 39% more sugar and 67% more added fat. On top of this, our caloric intake since 1970 has increased by 24.5%. Not surprisingly, we are fatter, less healthy and clearly haven’t been good at making healthy decisions. So, let’s make a deal: THIS STOPS IN 2018. My suggestions are only effective IF you put them into practice. Give yourself the gift of great health in 2018 and walk your path to Radiant Health.

Mark J. Kaylor has been exploring holistic health and healing for close to four decades. He is the founder and director of the not-for-profit Radiant Health Project. Mark welcomes your comments and questions and can be contacted at his website: or on Facebook at

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